The York Potash Project
National need local benefits


The proposed location for the York Potash mine is set within an existing private farm and a commercial forestry block located approximately two kilometres south of Sneaton village and three and a half kilometres south of the outskirts of Whitby. It is located off the B1416, close to Red Gate, which gives good access to the A171.

The proposed mine buildings will be screened and disguised within the landscape. Infrastructure will mostly be sub-surface, with buildings covering them designed in an agricultural style. This sensitive design will minimise both the visual and environmental impact, whilst allowing the Project to deliver its many benefits.

Why this site?

The site lies towards the centre of the defined geological deposit and away from known faulting systems – an essential consideration for safety, mine longevity and operational ability. The site also already benefits from extensive screening and offers the ability to build an innovatively designed mine that is concealed in the local landscape. Importantly, it is close to the services and housing that Whitby offers, but is also isolated with few existing households in close proximity to the site.